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Environmental Applications and Distributed Computing   EADC 2006
Bratislava, UI SAV, October 16-17, 2006

6th Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Systems   DAPSYS 2006
Innsbruck, Austria, September 21-23, 2006

Upcoming EGEE Industry Days

  • The first is the 7th in a series of EGEE (The Enabling Grids for E-sciencE Project) Industry Day takes place on the 23rd of February 2007 in Budapest, Hungary. The event is hosted by Budapest University of Technology and Economics Centre of Information Technology (BME-CIT) and BME Innovation and Knowledge Centre of Information Technology BME(IT)
    The one day event demonstrates to the business, in particular to the SMEs, the advantages of the Grid technology. We invite the users who need more resources and more capacity in computing power and storage. The event give an insight into the current Grid demands from end users and the Grid infrastructure solutions available to meet these demands, through user-friendly Grids for commercial use.
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  • The second is the 1st joint EGEE-EELA Industry Day - The Enabling Grids for E-sciencE Project (EGEE) Industry Day and E-infrastructure shared between Europe and Latin American (EELA). Leveraging off the success of past Industry Days, each attended by over 60 of Europe's most predominant, players, decision makers, CEOs and CTOs from Business and Research, this event will provide a platform to discover Grid technology, explore the benefits, and provide an opportunity to interact with top players from Europe and Latin America. It will discuss industry involvement with the presence of private enterprises already deploying and vending Grid software solutions and ultimately generating optimal use of IT resources.
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