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AAA Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting; Authentication is proving who you are, Authorization is defining what you are allowed (and not allowed) to do. Accounting is keeping track of what you do.
AFM Administrative Federation Meeting
AGM Architecture Group Member
ALICE A Large Ion Collider Experiment
AliEn Grid for Alice experiment
AM EGEE Activity Manager
API Application Programming Interface
ARDA Architectural Roadmap Toward Distributed Analysis
ATF Architecture Task Force (replaced by PTF)
ATLAS A Large Hadron Collider physics experiment
AWG Application Working Group
BaBar B and B-bar experiment
BAR Bandwidth Allocation and Reservation
BCU Biocomputing Unit
BI Bio Informatics
BMI Bio Medical Informatics
CA Certificate Authorities or Consortium Agreement
CB Collaboration Board
CC Cost Claims
CIC Core Infrastructure Centre
CM Cluster Manager
CMS Compact Muon Solenoid
CVS Concurrent Versions System
CyGRID Cyprus Grid
D0 DØ Experiment
DAGS Directed Acyclic GraphS (Workflow software from CONDOR project)
DAIS Data Access and Integration Services
DataGrid European DataGrid Project
DCS Dynamic Connectivity Service
DEISA Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications
diffserv Differentiated Services
DoS Denial of Service
EAC External Advisory Committee
EC European Commission
EDG European DataGrid Project
EDMS Engineering Data Management Service (a Document Management tool)
EELA Extending EGEE to Latin America
EGAAP EGEE Generic Application Advisory Panel
EGEE Enabling Grids for E-sciencE
eIRG e-Infrastructure Reflection Group
EMBnet European Molecular Biology network
EMT Engineering Management Team
ENOC EGEE Network Operation Centre
EO Earth observation
ERA European Research Area
ESR Earth Science Research
EU European Union
EUGridPMA European Grid authentication policy management authority for e-science
FR Federation representative
FTE Full Time Equivalent
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
GAE High Energy Physics (HEP) software
GAG Grid Application Group
GAP Gender Action Plan
GE Gigabit-Ethernet
GENIUS Grid Enabled web eNvironment for site Independent User job Submission
GGF Global Grid Forum
GGUS Global Grid User Support
GigE Gigabit Ethernet
GILDA Grid INFN Laboratory for dissemination activities
gLITE Codename of the EGEE Middleware software suite developed by JRA1
GOC Grid Operation Centre
GSC Grid Support Centre
GT Globus Toolkit
HEP High Energy Physics - The link will take you to the Cern homepage
HepCAL HEP Application Grid requirements
HepCALII HEP Application Grid requirements
I3 Integrated Infrastructures Initiative
IAG Israeli Academic Grid
ISO 9001 International Organization for Standardization: Quality assurance normalization
IST Information Society Technologies
IPv6 Internet Protocol Version 6
JRA1 EGEE Middleware Re-engineering and Integration activity
JRA2 EGEE Quality Assurance activity
JRA3 EGEE Security activity
JRA4 EGEE Network Services development activity
JSPG Joint Security Policy Group
L & B Logging and Bookkeeping software
LCG LHC Computing Grid
LHC Large Hadron Collider
LHcb The Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment
MPI Message Passing Interface software
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MW Middleware JRA1
NA1 EGEE Project Management Activity
NA2 EGEE Dissemination and Outreach activity
NA3 EGEE User Training and Induction activity
NA4 EGEE application identification and support activity
NA5 EGEE International Cooperation activity
NEG Northern European Grid
NOC Network Operation Centre
NPM Network Performance Monitoring
OAG Operation Advisory Group
OGSA Open Grid Service Architecture
OGSI Open Grid Service Infrastructure
OMC Operation Management Centre
OMII Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute
OSG Open Science Grid (EGEE's sister project in the US)
OSI Open Source Initiative
PBS Product breakdown structure
PD The EGEE Project Director, Mr. Robert Jones
PDG Protein Design Group
PEB Project Execution Board
PIC Policy and International Cooperation
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PM Person Month or Project Month
PMA Policy Management Authority
PMB Project Management Board
PO Project Office
POOL High Energy Physics (HEP) software
PPT Project management tool for project tracking and reporting
PR EU Periodic Reports
PR Public Relations
PROOF High Energy Physics (HEP) software
PTD Project Technical Director
PTF Project Technical Forum
QA Quality Assurance
QAG Quality Group
QAM Quality Assurance Management
QAR Quality Assurance Representative
QI Quality Indicator
QoS Quality Of Services
QR EU Quarterly Report
RB Resource Broker
RBAC Rules Based Access Control
RC Resource Centre
RDIG Russian Data Intensive Grid
RLS Replica Location Service
RM Release Manager; The Release Manager system allows the checkout/build/compile/test process to be performed with a few commands.
ROC Regional Operation Centre
RoGRID Romanian GRID
RTAG Requirements Technical Assessment Group, follow the link for the final report
SA1 EGEE European Grid Support, Operation and Management activity
SA2 EGEE Network Resource Provision activity
SCM Software Configuration Management
SE Storage element
SEAL High Energy Physics (HEP) software
SEE South East Europe
SEE-GRID South Eastern European Grid-Enabled e-Infrastructure Development
SEEREN South East European Research Networking
SGM Security Group Member
SIMBA Cern Mailing list management tool
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLR Service Level Request
SLS Service Level Specification
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SPI Cern Software Process Infrastructure
SRM Storage Research Manager
SSA Specific Support Action
SW Software
SweGrid Swedish National Grid resource for science and research
TA Technical Annex
TAB Technical Advisory Board
TD Technical Director
TNLC Technical Network Liaison Committee
TT Trouble Ticket
UML Unified Modelling Language
VV Verification and Validation activity
VDT Virtual Data Toolkit
VO Virtual Organisation (aka Application Community) is a geographically independant group of collaborating scientists.
VOMS VO Management Service
WBS Work Breakdown Structure, a project management technique to break the task into manageable chunks.
WCIT World Congress on Information Technology
WLM Work Load Management Software
WN Worker Node
WS Web Server
WSRF Web Services Resource Framework