Application of Knowledge Methods in Information Security
September 18, 2021, Bratislava, Slovakia
The first workshop about knowledge methods in ontologies and knowledge-sharing that focus, but not exclusively, on information security.

The wokshop will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia on 18th September 2021. It will be co-located with a number of events as part of Bratislava Knowledge September (BAKS 2021).

COVID-19 Statement: The organizing committee monitors the situation with covid 19. We believe that we will be able to organize in-person meeting. However, we understand that the situation may change. We will enable virtual participation for those authors and those interested in the workshop, who will not be able to attend in person. In case the epidemic situation does not allow us to meet in person, we are prepared to hold a workshop as a virtual event.

The workshop is organized with the aim to bring together scientists, researchers and practitioners from any country and provide an open platform for discussion about recent research developments and future trends in creative and informal atmosphere.

Accepted Papers

AKMIS 2021 proceedings are now available at

Topics: Application of various methods from knowledge extraction, management and artificial intelligence, such as: with applications in The fields of interests of the workshop include topics related to knowledge sharing in various domains. Therefore the topics are not limited to the information security domain.

Important dates

August 28, 2021 Abstract submissions
August 30, 2021 Notification
August 31, 2021 Early registration
September 15, 2021 Free registration
September 18, 2021 Workshop